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Krishna Public School

Gautam Nagar, Gopalpur, Mehnagar, Azamgarh, U.P. – 276204



We are the boast of our sub district. Our student interactive platform, which has been designed to enhance the teaching – learning process. The school is designed to enhance teaching-learning process and we ensure that it becomes a second home for our students. We also believe that good infrastructure is a pre-requisite for quality education. Every corner of the school talks about its unique pedagogy and offers an experience of learning while walking.

The school promises to provide an exceptionally nurturing and stimulating environment for children that makes each child an inquirer, thinker, learner and emerge as confident global citizens flourishing in the competitive world of tomorrow. The physical infrastructure is an important constituent of the enabling environment.


The School Building has a contemporary architecture that emphasizes on open space, art display areas, and provides a positive and vibrant ambience. The climate controlled building has been designed for zero tolerance to accidents and health hazards. The school is safeguarded by boundary walls, to provide students a safe environment.

Science Lab

We live in an ear characteized by the rapid developement of science & tchnology. Since we highly emphasize on practical learning, our science labs are equipped with instruments of the latest technology. Expert lab assistants are present throughout laboratory sessions to provide guidance and ensure safety.

Interactive Classroom

In the ear of smart classroom, teaching learning method is made fulfilled, excited and innovative with the use of digital technology. A picture is worth a thousand words. Keeping in sync with the technology, SPS has enabled all its classrooms with smart classes for enhancing the learning experience.

Computer Lab

The student computer labs are equipped with systems of latest configurations and high-speed internet easily accessible by students for regular classwork and individual projects. They are guided by teachers with great expertise to provide support and solve all their queries. 


Our campuses include state-of-the-art libraries and digital libraries stocked with a variety of books offering a myriad of knowledge. Special libraries designated to primary and pre-primary students have also been provided. We make sure that our library keeps evolving every moment.

Music Room

Music is an integral part of our life. Our music rooms are decked up with a variety of musical instruments which are accessible by all our students. SPS conduct musical showcase events and competitions, providing a platform for the students to express and enhance their talent.

Bus Facility

The school has its own transport facility managed by trained transport staff. A rigorous background check is conducted for the appointment of drivers, conductors. A lady attendant is provided in each bus. CCTV cameras are installed in the buses. The buses are GPS enabled.

Kinder Garten Activity Center

A kids’ resource room is based on the multi-sensory development theories. The creatively developed walls and the furnishings lay emphasis on how different sensory modalities such as sight, sound, touch, smell, self-motion and taste are integrated to provide a meaningful – perceptual experiences.

Play Ground

Our education philosophy lays equal emphasis on sports. We have a spacious playground suitable for all kind of games and sports activities like football, dodgeball, athletic events etc. We encourage a variety of sports allowing the students to explore and excel in whichever they like.

Confrence Hall

The school has a spacious conference hall equipped with audio-video system. The conference hall provides platform to the students to perform during various events and activities. Educational and knowledge based seminars and workshops are also conducted in regular intervals for the enrichment of students and staff members.